Wood OSHA Grade Scaffold Plank

Master Plank Info

Zampell Scaffolding sells and rents MASTER PLANK brand Scaffold Plank. MASTER PLANK is an engineered wood product designed specifically for use as a scaffold board. The unique process by which it is manufactured disperses the inherent defects found in solid-sawn lumber. Natural characteristics such as knots and wane are rearranged to maximize strength and minimize warping and splits.

Master Plank:

  • MASTER PLANK is homogeneous and has superior strength properties.
  • MASTER PLANK is remarkably durable due to its use of critically selected spruce veneers and waterproof exterior adhesive.
  • MASTER PLANK is manufactured from spruce veneers, making it the lightest weight laminated wood scaffold plank on the market.
  • MASTER PLANK is proof-tested to ensure compliance to the OSHA & ANSI A10.8-2001 Standards and is stamped accordingly.
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